Police Prep 


Practice taking entry level police tests with this amazing app.  With over 900 randomized questions you'll never get the same test twice. 

Police Prep Lite


Police Prep Lite is a preview of the Police Prep app.  This app is a must for those seeking a career in Law Enforcement.   



Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, Multi-language Miranda Rights, Flashlight, Strobe light, BAC calculator and more.  Perfect for DUI enforcement.

Daniel Miller Law


This app is a great way to connect with one of Waterbury Connecticut's finest attorneys.  This app is a great resource for those seeking legal advise.    

Study Buddy +


Study Buddy + is an easy to use flashcard app.  No more carrying around bulky cards when it's time to study for an exam.  

Winning Ticket


Connecticut Lottery and Powerball number generator.  Get your winning numbers with Winning Ticket. 

Tactical Success offers a NRA Certified Pistol Safety Course

This course or an equivalent is required to obtain a CT pistol permit.  

Pistol Permits

Tactical Success provides professional instruction and courses that are necessary to apply for your Connecticut pistol permit.  By taking the pistol safety course you will receive basic knowledge of handgun safety, handgun maintenance and storage, how to properly shoot a handgun, and the certificate needed to start you Connecticut pistol permit application.  No prior firearm experience is necessary. All pistols and ammunition are provided by Tactical Success.   

Law Enforcement Prep Course

Tactical Success has developed a unique two-day training course for those seeking a career in Law Enforcement. As a participant in our clinic you will be involved in every facet of the course that outlines the entire police hiring process including practice written and oral exams, physical agility requirements, psychological and polygraph tips and myths.  At the end of the course participants will have the knowledge it takes to pursue their career in law enforcement.